Be transformed.
Be inspired.

We can transform anything from something that looks tired and old, into something that looks modern, vibrant and new.

On a standard kitchen transformation project we will typically apply vinyl to doors, drawers, end panels, trims, pelmets, shelved areas and also Worktops and Splashbacks and most tiled areas.

We use a product called CoverStyl’, a self-adhesive vinyl designed to realistically recreate the look and feel of more expensive natural materials.

We use incredibly high-quality hyper-realistic finishes and textures combined with speedy and clean application to provide the perfect blend of form and function. Our decorative types of vinyl and films are a realistic and credible alternative to traditional materials finishes. We bring new life to existing items and interior surfaces. Our product has a 10 year non-fade guarantee.


There are so many benefits when using Transform Interiors to refresh your kitchen. Our high-quality, durable self-adhesive films are a simple and very cost-effective alternative to completely refurbsishing your kitchen.

the benefits of using transform


most of our customers begin their journey by obtaining a quote for the dream kitchen, however for a lot of people the spiralling cost of replacement brings them to us. We can provide a full transformation to your existing kitchen for a fraction of the cost of replacement.


we can provide hundreds of finishes that suit all tastes. Each and every one of these vinyl’s can be applied to your kitchen doors, drawers, worktop and splashback and it all comes with a 10 year non-fade guarantee.


we don’t leave any mess and you have full use of your kitchen throughout the transformation. If the customer would prefer we can also take your doors/drawers back to our workshop to have them wrapped and return the next day to re-fit and complete the job.


unlike full replacement kitchen projects where lots of trades are involved and things all need to fall into place for the programme of works to be delivered on time. We send the same installation team from day one to completion which ensures continuity, rapport and understanding of the job and what is required.