We work in a way that suits your needs and specifications.

Choose your materials.

Choose from a wide-selections of colours, materials and textures. When our brief is complete, we’ll get to work. Our fully trained team can transform almost anything from something that looks tired and old, to something that looks shiny and new..

We make it easy. Save time.

Our fully trained team can work in a way that suits your needs. For permanent fixtures, we’ll come to you. For non-fixed items (like tables and chairs), we can take them away and transform them remotely, if you prefer. Our process is fast and efficient. Much faster than a full refurb or replacement.

Save money.

Replacing the surfaces of what are (often) valuable items is much faster and way less expensive than replacing everything or starting from scratch. Our speedy process will also minimise the downtime and lost revenue that comes with extensive refurb projects.

Save the planets valuable resources.

Instead of sending everything to landfill, we apply new high-quality, durable film layers to surfaces – be they walls, tables, chairs. Our product and process minimises waste and maximises the lifespan of existing assets.